About us

We are a family business established for more than 50 years in Petrer, Alicante.  We are dedicated to the wholesale trade and distribution of fruit and vegetables throughout the province of Alicante. We provide a service of all kinds of fruits and vegetables to greengrocers, hospitals, schools, catering, restaurants, residences for the elderly, etc.  You can meet us personally by visiting our commercial website at www.joverfruits.es


Jover Fruits starts its online store for the general public with this website and offers a home delivery service for all towns in the province of Alicante.  At our Online store You can make your purchase of fruits and vegetables comfortably from the tranquility of your home on your mobile, tablet or computer.  We can deliver your order to your home or work the next day. If you want to give a box of fruit to your family and/or friends, you simply have to indicate the place of distribution and that a responsible person can collect the merchandise.

We think of offering a safe, quality and trustworthy service to the public.  You can visit our online store and get to know us a little more at www.joverfruits.com


We encourage you to maintain a diet rich and healthy in fresh and local fruits and vegetables. Your health will thank you.

Thank you very much for your visit

Salva and Trini